Webmaster Service

Hire a Virtual Webmaster For Your Business

Yadi Yada Designs can tailor a webmaster service to suit your internet requirements. Tasks such as updating website content, email answering service with text replies, analysing web traffic with regular maintenance can all be provided. Your webmaster will take care of your website content keeping it rich and current. Time would be better spent on your business, than working on your website and learning current trends. Yadi Yada can help your company reach its full potential and will take care of tasks such as:

  • Maintaining your website
  • Text and Copy Changes
  • Optimising pictures and Alt Tag’s
  • Take care of your emails
  • Monthly Search Engine Optimisation
  • Consultation on your website’s health
  • Google Analytics Monthly Reports
  • ECommerce website product updates
  • Keyword Ranking Analysis
  • Maintaining Google Adwords accounts


This is fast becoming a popular service with business owners that are new to the web and building website’s for their business. Many of these clients have limited computer knowledge and while they learn and practice in their own time, Yadi Yada are working in the background ensuring no email is missed and all changes validate and are correct.

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