Web Support & Development

So what exactly are web support services and what is it likely to cost my business?

Web support services are aftercare for your website which will improve your website and keep your content up to date. Services are diverse and range from text and picture updates to improving the overall position of your website in the search engines using Search Engine Optimisation. Business email accounts, business hosting, domain names, website content and images are supported should any problems arise, even if someone else designed your website. Services are available as one-off pay as you go updates or monthly / yearly contracts.

Ongoing support is essential for a successful web project. As Internet technology and the web advances you may find that your website and its content become dated. Or you may find that your website simply stops performing as well as it did and the enquiries have dried up. Keeping your website content rich and up to date can be time consuming but is the key ingredient to success on the Internet. Yadi Yada Designs can take care of:

  • Helping you identify and solve problems with your website and its overall performance
  • Setting up email accounts and fixing email related issues
  • Email answering service with instant text replies
  • Email contact form installations
  • Freshen up the look of your site and update its content
  • Enhance poor quality images and optimise them for the web
  • Monthly Webmaster Programs
  • Provide health checks and performance reports
  • Correcting website usability and web accessibility issues
  • Locate and repair broken links throughout website
  • Changes to site to maintain Standard Complaint properties
  • Organic SEO, SEO training and website optimising

Pay as you go or Monthly Contracts available

Webmaster services start from as little as £50 per month and work can be carried out to your website based on a pay as you go service at £25 per hour. Payment can be made by monthly standing order, via pay pal using your existing account or a credit card, BACS and by cheque.  Contact today for a free web update and support quotation.

Having content that is relevant and up to date is important. How well is your website doing?

Customers who arrive at your website and find dated or irrelevant information will leave almost immediately. With so much competition on the web, a recipe to success would be maintaining and regularly updating your website content. If your new to the web or simply just don’t have the time to investigate and identify problems then Yadi Yada can make your life a whole lot easier.

Support for all products is supplied by Yadi Yada Designs. If your a new or existing client. After your sites goes live, updating your content and maintaining your website has never been easier.

  • Pay as you go and Monthly Reliable Webmaster Service
  • Normal Business Hours Email & Product Support
  • Picture and Text Optimising & Updates
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Fix Cross Browser Website Compatibility Problems

Why not get in touch and talk about your requirements on t: 0141 258 5321.

With pricing starting from £25 per hour and £50 per month with pay as you go and monthly / yearly contracts available.